Not for profit… for purpose.

Our Non Profit Portfolio is a unique ecosystem comprised of three separate initiatives: growth platforms, catalytic initiatives and community engagement.

Growth Platforms

Investing to make an impact

We invest in social and cultural impact organizations that are scalable, have a strategic leader and work in a demand market.

Catalytic Initiatives

Investing to solve systemic problems

We want to assist organizations that are working to solve systemic problems in an innovative way. We do this by partnering with collaborative organizations and supporting their strategies for development.


Community Engagement

Investing to build relationships

Our team members are the driving force behind our Community Engagement initiative. We want to see them actively participating in the 11-county region of Northeast Indiana and in our affiliate companies’ communities for the purpose of building strategic relationships and fostering a philanthropic mindset.

Our engagement programs are designed to align with organizations that are:

Located in the 11-county region of NE Indiana


Allow access, influence and accountability

Share our core values

We do not fund capital campaigns or provide operational funding. 

We offer several employee programs designed to help your organization engage with our employees.

Employee match

Board participation

Corporate service

Nonprofit spotlight luncheons

Event sponsorship

Together we make a better tomorrow

Let’s build a relationship

We take great care to work with partners that share our mission, vision, and values. In order to better understand your organization, please click on the link below to start the process.

Please allow ample time to complete the questionnaire and essay questions.