If two heads are better than one, imagine the combined impact two organizations could have. The Strategic Empowerment and Enterprise Development (SEED) Challenge exists to foster collaboration by providing organizations the opportunity to address an otherwise unmet need in their community.

2017 Grand Prize Winner

Gateway Woods connects aged-out and soon to be aged-out foster kids with Love Church Ministries’ residential business and entrepreneurial training program. The three-year program teaches self-discipline, life lessons, and marketable job skills to these youth who would otherwise lack a familial support system as they transition to adulthood. These young adults currently work in one small business, Love Auto Shop, and have plans to cater to other interests by opening Love Urban Grounds, a coffee shop.

other winners 

Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana is further developing its focus on entrepreneurship by launching a major Entrepreneurial Initiative alongside several local colleges and universities. Their goal is to encourage youth to make northern Indiana more vibrant and economically robust by pursuing entrepreneurship in the region. The entrepreneurial programming will lay the foundation while the local partners will provide the strategic network needed to propel the students forward so that they might be successful in their careers.

Love Justice International focuses on human trafficking prevention by identifying and intercepting victims before they reach their destination and are much more difficult to find. They collect their transit monitoring data through Dream Suite, an internal database that tracks patterns in human trafficking. Their partner, EduSource, is transferring this database from Excel to a cloud-based system in order to improve efficiency and scalability.

Out of a Jam engages students from The Crossing, a school that empowers struggling students, by providing marketable culinary skills through a 30-day training program. Through the use of a food truck, students will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of aspects of running a culinary business in an intensive, immersive environment.

Run Hard. Rest Well. introduces people of all ages, professions, and life situations to a biblical blueprint of work, rest, and rhythm. Region 8 Education Service Center provides time and resources to all participating schools in the Northeast Indiana region. Region 8 is expanding these resources to include the Run Hard. Rest Well. model. Through a year-long wellness program specifically catered to the educational atmosphere, educators will be taught how to counteract the destructive nature of compassion fatigue and burnout so that they can continue to pour into the next generation without losing themselves in the process.

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